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Weesals is an independent games development identity located in Adelaide, Australia. The majority of development on games released under this title are developed by a single programmer.


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First starting on C++ near the end of 2004, a simple car driving game spawned a keen interest in game development and served as a starting point for learning through modifications. This interest was continued by following the tutorials available at www.32Bits.co.uk, giving a simple method for learning how do develop games using Direct X and an introduction to 3D graphics.

My first games were quite crude, and dont run very well on newer hardware. After learning some more about development, many smaller games, and a rebuild of Medieval Castle Construction were developed; with some future games (Sub0, Germination and Housed) placing as a finalist in contests.

After this extensive period of skills development and prototyping, some professional game development began with a small flash game and then into mobile development. Notable games developed recently include Portals 2D, Squirrel, Stroids, Blocktris, Touch Craft, and OzBargain