RTS4 Screenshot

Real Time Strategy

Various projects centred around supporting the Age of Mythology community.

Surface Screenshot


Build procedural PBR textures straight in your browser. Export Diffuse, Normal, Roughness, and Metalic maps.

Click Load example for an example texture. QLoad/QSave to save to a single memory slot or Save/Load to files on your disk.

Battle Blobs Screenshot

Battle Blobs

Smack your friends about, smash their heads into the ground to gain points. Pickup a sword or shield for extra damage or defense, get as high as you can, and look stylish while doing it.

Battle Blobs is designed to run over LAN or the internet with up to 10 friends. Use Z and X to control your hero, R to change your style.

Squirrel Screenshot


Claw your way to squirrel heaven, to enjoy an endless supply of Acorns and squirrel-tertainment. Collect coins on your way to compete in the global leaderboards.

With an Acorn in your hand, you are invincible, but beware, hitting a branch will see the nuts fly out. Play strategically and reach heights never before imagined.

Portals 2D Screenshot

Portals 2D

Can you think with portals? Open a gateway to a new and exciting type of game, this Portal-inspired platformer will test your portal-toting, cake loving avatar in a world where even your existence is tested. Beautiful HD graphics, wonderful sounds, ingenious gameplay, and silky smooth animations make this game a must have.

Create, edit, and share your own levels with friends.

Stroids Screenshot


Strategy meets Action in this blockbuster blast from the past. Command your ship to take out enemies and gather resources. Then use those resources to build and defend a base to take shelter in for later waves.

Hold off as long as you can against new enemies as you fortify your stronghold with self-firing turrets, strong walls able to withstand heavy enemy fire, and your own fleet of resource gatherers.

Blocktris Screenshot


Blocktris is a challenging block pushing puzzler with a simple yet elegant aesthetic. The goal is to move the red piece into the similarly shaped slot in the board, which is achieved by moving other blocks in a strategic manner.

Beautiful music, with stunning visuals and an overall calming feel make this a great game to play at any time.

Flinders Voyage Screenshot

Flinders Voyage

With an array of unlockable equipment and upgrades at your disposal, there will be no shortage of destruction; show them what it takes to be number one!

Shoot down the enemy with your weapons, gather treasure for upgrades, repair your ship, and clear the seas in the beautiful graphics and great sound of Flinders Voyage.